Uproar about eating horse meat… why?

I’ve been reading the news that horse meat has been found in burgers being sold in Tesco, Aldi, Lidl and Iceland and the uproar it has caused.

I’d be the first person to say that horses should not be eaten. Then again, I say the same thing about cows, chickens, turkeys, lambs and pigs (not to mention fish and seafood). What I don’t understand is why people are so annoyed that there is horse meat in their food when they are eating a processed patty of dead animal on their burger buns anyway. What’s the difference between eating cow (which, by the way, is probably the grizzly horrible bits of the cow that nobody wants seeing as these are value burgers) and eating horse?

Just my mini rant for the day. What do you guys think? I’d love to hear from a meat eater about why they feel this way!


One thought on “Uproar about eating horse meat… why?

  1. I can’t imagine anyone who eats meat as a standard part of their diet is resistant to the idea of eating horse in general terms. But if you intend to and are ready to eat beef it is, at best, inappropriate for there to be other non-disclosed meats present. The fact that other meats such as pork have been identified is more concerning as there are those who would avoid pork products for religious reasons – would be akin to putting animal fats into products claiming to be vegetarian.

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