Old Poetry – Thumper

I’ve realised that I have a lot of poetry that never made it onto this blog because it was written so long ago. I’ve been writing since I was around 11 years old so many of my poems I don’t think are good enough to be put up on here. A lot of it is related to animal welfare and vegetarianism. This one was written in around 2007.


Thumper was born in a lab.

Thumper was kept in a cage.

Thumper was used for experiments,

When Thumper grew to the right age.

Thumper’s eyes were held open.

Thumper’s eyes had shampoo put in.

Thumper was in a lot of pain.

Thumper made a din.

Thumper was left for seven days.

Thumper was observed by men.

Thumper’s eyes became swollen,

And the men recorded when.

Katie had a shower.

Katie used her new shampoo.

Katie knew she would be safe.

Thumper never knew.


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