The Passing of an Old Friend and Some New Arrivals

Firstly let me apologise for me going AWOL for the last seven days! It’s been one weird week!


I’m sad to announce that our black furry friend Wicca was put to sleep last week after a brave fight with Lymphoma. Wicca had been with us for 7 years. He first came to us as a tiny bundle of black fluff with sky blue eyes (that later changed colour). He was extremely shy when we first got him but came out of his shell and became a valued member of our family. He was often described as a bit over domesticated as he was an extremely spoilt house cat! He had some amazingly human mannerisms and we often had conversations! Wicca became ill in December 2012 and was diagnosed with acute kidney failure. He fought very bravely though and the vet was extremely surprised when we took him in on Christmas eve to find that he’d improved a lot. Sadly two weeks ago we were told that the cause was likely to be lymphoma and although he fought on for another week we had to take him to the vet last Thursday. He will be sadly missed.

R.I.P. Wicca Vlad McWilliams

01/07/2005 – 14/03/2013

However, not one for sad endings I have some new additions to the family to introduce to you!


Meet Simba and Mylo!

Simba (on the left) is 6 months old and Mylo is 10 months. These two lovely boys were adopted from a lady who couldn’t keep them anymore due to a dog in the house. They came to us only yesterday and have already caused havoc! Simba is a lovely playful and mischievous kitten, we suspect that he is the boss of the pair. Mylo seems to have just reached maturity and has what my mum refers to as “teenage angst”. This means that poor Simba is having a bit of a rough time of it as Mylo tries his hardest to mate with him! They’re booked in to be neutered so hopefully the problem will soon be solved. They’re a beautiful pair though and spend a lot of time playing together, bathing each other and sleeping on each other (as can be seen in the photo above!). I’m sure you’ll be seeing more of these kittens as time goes on!


4 thoughts on “The Passing of an Old Friend and Some New Arrivals

  1. Those are such cute picture, I love cats! 🙂 I’m so sorry to hear about Wicca; my cat of 11 years just had to put to sleep last week, too. Congratulations on Simba and Milo, they look so cute!

    Alice @ Alice in Readerland

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