Top Ten Tuesday – Ten Words That Make Me Pick Up A Book

040213_0955_TopTenTuesd1.jpgTop Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme held over at The Broke and the Bookish which invites us to make top ten lists of a bookish nature! This week the topic is “top ten words that instantly make me pick up a book”. An interesting topic! I always read the same types of books so this one isn’t too hard.


1) Witches

I’ve always loved stories about witches. I’ve got the obvious ones like Harry Potter and A Discovery of Witches but my to read shelves are also full of novels about the Pendle Witches and Witchfinders.


2) Vampires

I think my love for vampires started with the likes of Dracula and Buffy The Vampire Slayer. I loved Twilight too and now pick up anything which involves vampires! Most recently I’ve loved Marked (the first in The House of Night series) and True Blood.


3) Circus

My circus obsession started with Water For Elephants and then I found The Night Circus. I’ll read the back of any book that involves a circus of some kind.


4) Coming of age

I write for young adults and so books from a teenage perspective really appeal to me. I only recently tried novels from a young child’s point of view and loved them! The words “coming of age” on a book definitely deserve a better look.

Ballad UK

5) Fairy

I’ve always loved fairies and I’m currently working on a big writing project involving them so I love reading books about them.


6) Retelling

I love retellings of classic stories with a twist. Wicked was my first introduction to this and I’ve since enjoyed Splintered too.


7) Time Travel

It’s always interesting when a novel includes time travel. Some brilliant examples of this are The Time Traveller’s Wife and 11.22.63.


8) Movie

When I see a trailer for a film that looks good and find out there was a novel first then I always have to read the novel. It’s usually better! This is why I read The Hunger Games and it was 100% better than the film.

images (1)

9) Werewolf

Wolf books are working on being the next big thing I think! I usually check out a book if it contains werewolves.


10) Gothic

My attention is always caught when a book is described as gothic, especially not so obvious gothic like Jane Eyre.

What catches your eye when book shopping?



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