Allure of the Unknown (Friday Fictioneers)


Friday Fictioneers is a weekly challenge set by Rochelle Wisoff Fields where an image is posted and we write a 100 word piece of fiction to go with it. Today I collaborated with Steven from In Amongst the Ebb and Flow!


Allure of the Unknown

I’m running, stumbling through the forest. Bits of tree bark snapping beneath my feet. The autumn wind chilling me to the bone. I’m lost.

There’s a gap in the trees. As the sun caresses my skin I see a building looming large over me. An eerie mixture of a castle from a horror film and the dream like manor from a fairy tale, enticing me in.

Panting for breath, I tentatively strike the front door with my knuckles.

Hello? Is there anyone there?”

My heart beats faster as a shadow builds against the frosted glass. I am not alone.


24 thoughts on “Allure of the Unknown (Friday Fictioneers)

  1. Well I agree with each of those who comment. It does stand alone and it can also be a continuing saga. Nicely constructed, encouraging the reader to read on … for more!

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