First Dance – Poetry


Our eyes met across the room.

You know what they say,

Love at first sight.

It doesn’t always work that way.

Our eyes met,

The same eyes as before.

We’ve known each other a while,

As friends, nothing more.

We met halfway,

The centre of the room.

Things have changed dramatically,

Now we are bride and groom.


Snowflake Haiku

This is my first go at a Haiku poem. Well technically it’s two haiku poems joined together!

Snowflake Haiku

Floating to the ground

A cold snowflake on its own

Soon to be water


Doesn’t make a sound

That cold snowflake on its own

A lamb to slaughter

Old Poetry – Destiny

Autumn seems like so long ago now that spring is popping up everywhere! This poem was written in November last year after I was inspired by the crunching leaves under my feet. I got thinking about the circle of life and this is what I came up with.



Brown, burgundy and gold.

These are the leaves of old.

Played the part they had to play,

They have now been tossed away.

What a sad life it must be,

Clinging fearlessly to the tree

Old Poetry – Thumper

I’ve realised that I have a lot of poetry that never made it onto this blog because it was written so long ago. I’ve been writing since I was around 11 years old so many of my poems I don’t think are good enough to be put up on here. A lot of it is related to animal welfare and vegetarianism. This one was written in around 2007.


Thumper was born in a lab.

Thumper was kept in a cage.

Thumper was used for experiments,

When Thumper grew to the right age.

Thumper’s eyes were held open.

Thumper’s eyes had shampoo put in.

Thumper was in a lot of pain.

Thumper made a din.

Thumper was left for seven days.

Thumper was observed by men.

Thumper’s eyes became swollen,

And the men recorded when.

Katie had a shower.

Katie used her new shampoo.

Katie knew she would be safe.

Thumper never knew.

Nature’s Canopy

Often on Pinterest I come across an image that immediately inspires the beginning of a poem in my head. Unfortunately I usually can’t find the original source of the image which is a real shame when it has provided me with such inspiration! Here is a poem and the image that inspired it. If you know who this image belongs to or who I can credit it to please let me know!



Nature’s Canopy

This forest is my place.

This forest is my home.

The trees climb high into the sky,

The hedges are overgrown.

Squirrels rule the branches,

The canopy nature weaves.

Me and my friends rule the ground,

Among the moss and leaves.

Visit this place you can.

Visit this place you will.

Clamber over fallen trees,

Until you’ve had your fill.

But you’ll never own this place.

You’ll never own my home.

You’ll never take my freedom,

The forest in which I roam.

Go back to your concrete.

Go underneath your roof.

Because you won’t fit in here,

And that’s the honest truth.


A quick poem I wrote on my way into the shop this morning.


This tree looks like fire

How can it bear to let go of its beauty 

As its ember like leaves glide to the floor?


The trunk stands up tall

Its dull brown branches reaching into the sky

As soon they will be emblazened no more


The frost approaches

And soon the branches will glitter and sparkle

Different beauty but the tree knows the score


Then into the spring

The new leaves are not as bold as the old

But will grow strong as they follow nature’s law


Back into Autumn

And green transforms into flame like colours

The embers are grown back, soon to be no more


The circle of life,

Each generation as brave as the last

But the tree remains as the trusted old core




Happy National Poetry Day and my take on the theme..

Hello everyone!

I found out this morning that it was National Poetry Day and that the theme was stars. That was enough to inspire me!

I immediately thought of my brilliant summer with the Oxfam team. Whilst we were at WOMAD we spent quite a bit of time lying outside our tents staring at the sky. It was the most amazing way to pass the time and the experience has inspired my latest poem.

Me and some of the brilliant Oxfam Shops Festival team at WOMAD Festival 2012



What makes you feel insignificant

Like gazing at the stars

Whilst lying in a field

No distraction from people or from cars

You continue to lie on the grass

For hours into the night

Stars keep on appearing

Night adds to your power of sight

But there is a sense of forboding

You start to realise

You’re looking at the past

And you no longer feel as wise

Will we ever understand

What’s happening in our sky?

Will we ever know it all?

Will we stop asking ourselves why?

Is information really power?

And will we ever really know?

The fun is finding out

The path to knowledge can be slow