Isle of Wight – Acrobats and Hovercrafts (Part 2)

Note: I’m currently away at Glastonbury… this is a queued post!



On Tuesday I told you about the first few days of the Isle of Wight festival 2013 where I saw bands including The Killers, Blockheads and Levellers. This is the second half of my Isle of Wight adventures!


When Newton Faulkner first arrived on the music scene I immediately warmed to him. For some reason though I never really listened to many of his songs. I managed to catch the very last song of his set on the Sunday which was actually a cover of Bohemian Rhapsody. It was a really good version of the song and I’m definitely going to check out the rest.


I’ll admit that the only Boomtown Rats song I knew was I Don’t Like Mondays. I still really wanted to see Bob Geldof so I was excited to see the Boomtown Rats reform after 20+ years. Their set was amazing and ever since I’ve gotten home I’ve been listening to their greatest hits!


One thing I love about music festivals is the random things you find if you walk around the site. This acrobat was tucked away in the trees on the way back from the main stage and I stood for a while fascinated by her moves!


The festival was closed by none other than Bon Jovi. His set was filled with greatest hits as well as newer songs and Living On A Prayer was a wonderful festival moment. I still say that I preferred the Killers but this was a brilliant way to end the weekend.


After that it was the hovercraft and the 10 hour journey home!

Thank you for another wonderful year Isle of Wight!


Isle of Wight 2013 – Fairies and Fireworks! (Part 1)

Note: I am currently away at Glastonbury Festival – this is a queued post!


This is the first part of my Isle of Wight Festival 2013 adventures! This was my second year at Isle of Wight Festival but with the awful weather in 2012 I was unsure what to expect. I arrived at the festival on the Tuesday afternoon as I was there as a volunteer with Oxfam so I had a great time watching the site build up before everyone arrived!


It turned out we were actually quite lucky with the weather. There were some very sunny days and some horrible rainy days but nothing like the terrible wind from last year! On the Thursday me and a friend took advantage of the lovely weather to have a wander around the site and scope out potential food places. We came across a lovely teepee full of fairies who were granting wishes that were tied onto their tree. I thought hard about my wish and decided on this one:


Later in the afternoon I saw my first festival band of the season! The Blockheads are not a band that I claim to know very well but I enjoyed their set. My main thought was that the lead singer (obviously not Ian Dury) looked like Billy Connelly! Even though they had a different singer they sounded just like they did in the songs I heard when growing up and we had a good time singing along to Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick!


On the Friday I didn’t see much as most of the bands I was looking forward to seeing were later in the festival. There was a good band on early on called Palma Violets who I recommend. I also saw the beginning of Fun. If I’d not been working that night I would have stayed to watch the whole of Fun but unfortunately I had to leave after two songs!


I also saw the Levellers who are one of my mum’s favourite bands. I really enjoyed their set and would definitely see them again! I wouldn’t listen to their music at home but they were a perfect festival band.


Bloc Party are another band that I don’t know much about. I was desperate to see The Killers though so I watched these as they were on the stage first. They were quite enjoyable but I can’t say they won me over.


The Killers were my favourite band this year and I think their set was probably one of the best I’ve ever seen at a festival! They came on half an hour late but launched straight into Mr Brightside. Their set was full of hits as well as newer songs from their latest album. The new songs fitted seamlessly and Brandon Flowers even taught us the words and had us singing along. All These Things That I’ve Done was absolutely amazing and we were chanting “I’ve got soul but I’m not a soldier” while being showered in confetti. The set finished with an explosive version of When We Were Young with fireworks. Truly brilliant!


Check back later this week for the second half of my adventures including The Boomtown Rats and Bon Jovi.

You can also see the food I ate at the festival on my other blog 

Were you at Isle of Wight? What do you think of the line up?

Surfacing – A Sunday Whirl


Photo – The Prophet

I wake to chattering and giggle as I glance around the cave and notice the empty moonshine bottles on the floor. Last night there was a crazy sense that anything could happen as we cut across the beach and headed for the spot we’d decided to celebrate in after our nerve racking graduation party. I scoop up my clothes and head back to halls where I load all of my possessions into my parent’s car. The thought of real life shatters my happiness as I come to realise that it’s time to become an adult.





This short story was inspired by this week’s Sunday Wordle which you can view here.

Dylan’s Summer Hope (A Sunday Wordle)

Dylan’s Summer Hope

Dylan came from a poor family but his life was rich with love. Every year his mother gave him a sunflower seed and he tore himself away from his day to day activities of colouring books and toy trains to plant himself in the garden and nurture his budding project.

My predecessors had disappointed Dylan. He poured his heart and his soul into looking after the tiny shoots but they never grew to as tall as he hoped. Still, every year he sped out with his trough and watering can to try again.

I’d been in my new home for quite a while now, engaged in the constant struggle to grow. Every day Dylan would come and check on me and leave disappointed. I dreaded hearing the phrase his mother would come out with each time “Don’t worry, we’ll try again next year”.

Dylan refused to yield to his mother’s requests to occupy himself with something else and as I saw him close his eyes with sadness again and again, my willpower grew. I pushed and pushed and eventually my spring green shoots came through the top layer of soil and connected with the sun’s warm beam. I felt layers of fertile soil shift as I anchored my roots.

The next day Dylan came into the garden and I saw his heart leap with excitement. His hard work had paid off and as I grew to unprecedented heights I saw his confidence grow with me. I felt blessed that even though Dylan had a huge range of other things he enjoyed doing, his current play thing was a yellow sunflower.




This short story was inspired by this week’s Sunday Wordle which can be found here.