Happy International Women’s Day

Inequality between men and women is still more common than you would think, even in this country. In the UK one in four women are paid less than £7 an hour which is double the number of men in the same situation. Women’s median hourly pay is 21% less than men’s despite the fact that girls are more likely to enter higher education than boys. In other countries the problem is also serious. Out of all of the people living in poverty in the world , the majority are women. There are many reasons for this including lack of education, discrimination and domestic violence.

This is why International Women’s Day is as important as it ever was. Use today to celebrate the women in your life. Use it to think of those less fortunate than you are. Use it to argue against the inequalities that still exist in the 21st century even in developed countries.

I urge you to find your local event and join in. You can make a difference.

(figures from Oxfam)