Nature’s Canopy

Often on Pinterest I come across an image that immediately inspires the beginning of a poem in my head. Unfortunately I usually can’t find the original source of the image which is a real shame when it has provided me with such inspiration! Here is a poem and the image that inspired it. If you know who this image belongs to or who I can credit it to please let me know!



Nature’s Canopy

This forest is my place.

This forest is my home.

The trees climb high into the sky,

The hedges are overgrown.

Squirrels rule the branches,

The canopy nature weaves.

Me and my friends rule the ground,

Among the moss and leaves.

Visit this place you can.

Visit this place you will.

Clamber over fallen trees,

Until you’ve had your fill.

But you’ll never own this place.

You’ll never own my home.

You’ll never take my freedom,

The forest in which I roam.

Go back to your concrete.

Go underneath your roof.

Because you won’t fit in here,

And that’s the honest truth.