Happy National Poetry Day and my take on the theme..

Hello everyone!

I found out this morning that it was National Poetry Day and that the theme was stars. That was enough to inspire me!

I immediately thought of my brilliant summer with the Oxfam team. Whilst we were at WOMAD we spent quite a bit of time lying outside our tents staring at the sky. It was the most amazing way to pass the time and the experience has inspired my latest poem.

Me and some of the brilliant Oxfam Shops Festival team at WOMAD Festival 2012



What makes you feel insignificant

Like gazing at the stars

Whilst lying in a field

No distraction from people or from cars

You continue to lie on the grass

For hours into the night

Stars keep on appearing

Night adds to your power of sight

But there is a sense of forboding

You start to realise

You’re looking at the past

And you no longer feel as wise

Will we ever understand

What’s happening in our sky?

Will we ever know it all?

Will we stop asking ourselves why?

Is information really power?

And will we ever really know?

The fun is finding out

The path to knowledge can be slow